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We specialize in grouping your financial assets / Investments such as Life Insurance, General Insurance, Bonds, Debentures, Mutual Funds & other counterparts and align it into a Portfolio.

After the analysis of Portfolio, we execute transactions for any type of Updation or Endorsement and report it on a monthly basis. One element of building a successful long term portfolio is to monitor the portfolio by an efficient system of documentation of all transactions that are complete, accurate, up to date and properly recorded. This saves your time and relieves the load from your busy schedules.

When you subscribe to this service, MCS takes the responsibility for maintaining your investment records and reports to you on a regular basis Offline as well as Online. For the first time we enable our subscribed customers to view their investment Portfolio through an ONLINE PORTAL. We provide a UNIQUE USER ID AND PASSWORD which will be accessible only to our esteemed customers. Greater accessibility, maintaining confidentiality of an individual's portfolio is the key foundation stone of Money Care and Solutions. In an Online Portal, the subscribers will be able to view Key Features of their Investments, Updated Values, Upcoming Renewal, Total Annual Investments, Maturity Timelines, Assistance during Claim submission & any queries raised from time to time. Renewal collection, Documents collection for any type of endorsement and Monthly Statements for the latest update of your Portfolio will be provided by MCS through an Offline mode of services at your door-step.

Portfolio Analysis

Do you know the Pattern & Diversification of Investments borne by you ?
If NO, then MCS is here to allign all your investments and prepare it to work accordingly during undesirable situations. We specialize in detailed examining of your portfolio which enables us to evaluate the potential of investment borne by you as well as planning behind them. Every basic element of your investments is diagnosed by us to ensure that they results into better returns.

Portfolio Overview

"Know what you own, and know why you own it."
We bring to you the most important details of your portfolio which you might have missed out during its purchase. We believe that the basic information provided by us is quick and easy to understand your choice of investments. It is an overall description of your investments at a glance that contains information about benefits at specific stages of investment such as in case of Life Insurance Policies, major factors described are Survival Benefits, Money Backs, Death Benefit and Maturity Benefits etc.


What happens when you come to know that major personal details in your legal documents such as Bonds and Life Insurance Policies differ from the original one ?
MCS helps you to get out of these hassles and provide a quick resolution to endorse your very important details such as Name change,Bank Details updation, Address change updations and many more... This service is provided at door step and is initiated at subscriber's request after the complete analysis of portfolio.

Policy Summary

A stitch in time saves nine....
To bring alive this thought we have brought all your Life Insurance, Mutual Fund Folios, Health Insurance Motor Insurance policies and other investments at a glance so that you can have a quick review of the facts & figures in which you have invested upon. The information includes Effective Sum Assured, Applicable Riders, Nominations, Assignments, Loans, Partial withdrawals, Maturity Details and other important Key Features of the policy opted for. This will enable to review your investments in a very systematic manner.

Customised Statements

MCS prides itself on providing its esteemed clients the highest informative and qualitative monthly,quarterly and yearly statements in a timely manner. Monthly Statement Features available are Current Status of portfolio, Updated Values, & Renewal alerts. We facilitate our customers quarterly with all the transactions like Renewal Payments, Endorsements, Withdrawals, Redemptions, Claim Settlements (if any) MCS also provides Tax Saving Statements with receipts at the end of every Financial Year which differentiates your investements saving as per Income Tax Laws.

Renewal Alerts

We take special care to keep you informed of your premium payment schedule to help you avoid late fees and lapsing of your policies. In Online protal and Monthly Statements, you are able to watch Premium reminders for next 3 months. We send a Renewal notice to you 15 and 7 days before the due date via SMS. A payment reminder call is made to you 5 days before your policies are due for payment. During the call, you are also provided with assistance in terms of the collection of renewal payment in the form of Cash or Cheque. The receipts are enclosed along with Monthly Statement.

Fund Management

Time to time performance of a particular fund, asset allocation, Fund switching i.e. systematic transfer of funds from one to another on the basis of performance, Premium Redirection are some basic services which we provide as fund managers so that you get maximum returns out of your investments.

Claim Settlements

MCS ensures that the insurance claims process is simple and expeditious. We ensure that all legitimate claims are settled at the earliest. The settlement process much depends on the satisfactory production of documents and necessary requirements by the Claimant. Notification of claim, submission of claim forms and/or claim documents provided to MCS does not construe as admission of liability.

Door-Step Services

We understand that our esteemed customers are extremely occupied with their own work and are unable to move out of their offices or homes to update there portfolio and bring necessary changes in them such as endorsements, any type of payout release and claim submission and many more things necessary from time to time.To help out our esteemed customers, we provide door-step services to save time and get there work done within stipulated time limits of 24 hours and get them updated.

Dedicated to deliver the Best

Money Care & Solutions

Money Care & Solutions is an independent portfolio management company specializing in maintaining relationships to provide best services and customized solutions to their clients. We aim to emerge as the most trusted and preferred financial planner amongst our valued clients by understanding their financial needs, guiding and supporting them time to time while planning basic financial milestones in their life.

The backbone of our organization is maintaining whole life mutually benefited relationships with our clients and their families by providing complete financial awareness that guarantees better results in the future.We have a firm belief on our ethics, sincerity, honesty and unbiased approach which will help us to reach newer heights and will also help us to serve you in the best possible manner.

Our functioning involves complete analysis of an individual's portfolio. Post analysis, we educate them about their existing investments and risk managing insurance policies. Finally, we work for the betterment by providing customized services and solution. To our valued clients we offer the best possible quotes to fulfill their needs in a complete manner.

We look forward to welcome you as a valued client of Money Care & Solutions.


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  • I am thankful to Money Care & Solutions for assisting me during settlement of my Mediclaim, even after getting declined three times by the Insurance Company. Regular follow ups and proper knowledge about the process by the Team of MCS helped me to get my Cheque sitting at my work place.

    — DAYAL K DANWANI Palak Electricals
  • I have always been looking for a professional who would manage all my investments, my Chartered Accountant then referred me to the Team of MCS & since then, they are providing me prompt services and appropriate solutions as per requirements.

    — Dr. RAJESH VALECHA Pediatrician, Rajdeep Hospital
  • For the first time, I have seen a Portfolio Management Company like MCS, which provides a descriptive portfolio through an ONLINE PORTAL. I am fully satisfied by their Instant Services and also recommend my customers to avail these services and adequate solutions provided by them.

    — ANSHUL AGRAWAL Chartered Accountant
  • I would like to call MCS a "Sought". A complete solution to manage one's portfolio. One can not ask better than this. Personal thanks to Jayant Bhatia and team MCS. I wish them all the best.

    — ASEEM JINDAL Director, New Distinct Services
  • All the services at door step at such a nominal cost is unbelievable.

    — RITESH GUPTA Director, S Factor Combine
  • My investment has become more managed and easy to understand. Thanks to Money Care & Solution.

    — VIJAY BHATIA Director, Bhatia Steel Traders
  • I thought that I was good at managing my own portfolio, but after I availed services from Money Care & Solutions, I came to know that I missed out some major things which I should have known, and at such a nominal cost... It’s fantastic!!!

    — VED PRAKASH SHARMA Civil Contractor
  • I came to know about many unknown facts of my Life Insurance policies which I should have known during its purchase.

    — ARUN BHATIA Co Owner, GMR Builders
  • I had invested a lot but didn’t know what I will get out of it. Then my CA recommended me to subscribe to the services of MCS and it has been a very good experience so far…

    — DEVEN JAIN Director, Maitri Infrastructures

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